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Bug Excavator Track Roller In Stock
Yazar: dingmeng - 19-09-2018, Saat: 05:34 - Forum: - Yorumlar (70)

Mini Excavator Track Rollers Description
FinishSmooth Finish
ColorsBlack or yellow
TechniqueForging / casting
Surface HardnessHRC50-56, deepth:4mm-10mm
Warranty time4000 hours
FOB PriceFOB Xiamen USD50-200/Piece
MOQ50 piece
Delivery TimeWithin 30 days after contract established
Parts NameMini Excavator Track Rollers
Photo of Excavator Track Roller
Advantages / Features:
1.Each roller shaft is engineered drop-forged and machined by the utilization of the most modern technological advances known to the industry, Grinding and finishing methods, etc to guarantees max strength, max life.
2.Each roller shell is carefully heat treated to ensure long wear life and stress resistance.
3.surface hardness HBN460 for reduced wear and longer life, adding value to your products further to your business by maximizing durability of your products.
Thousands type of track roller, We can make products according to Customer's requirement. Here attached part of specification as follow.
ItemMakersMachine ModelGenuie Parts No.Berco no.Weight(Kg)
Track Roller D60-6(S)141-30-00578/141-30-00570/
Track Roller D60-6(D)141-30-00588/141-30-00580/
Track Roller D65-12(S)14X-30-00081KM210155
Track Roller D80-12(S)154-30-00505/150-30-00066/
Track Roller D80-12(D)154-30-00405/150-30-00056/
Track Roller D80-18(S)155-30-00125/155-30-00240/
Track Roller D80-18(D)155-30-00115/155-30-00250/
Track Roller D80-18(S)
(Without Key)155-30-00125/155-30-00240/
Track Roller D80-18(D)
(Without Key)155-30-00115/155-30-00250/
Track Roller D150A-1/D155A-1(S)175-30-00486/175-30-00760/
Track Roller D150A-1/D155A-1(D)175-30-00496/175-30-00770/
Track Roller D150A-1/D155A-1(S)
(Without Key)175-30-00486/175-30-00760/
Track Roller D150A-1/D155A-1(D)
(Without Key)175-30-00496/175-30-00770/
Track Roller D155AX-3(S)17A-30-00070KM226598
Track Roller D155AX-3(D)17A-30-00080KM2266107.5
Track Roller D275A-2(S)17M-30-00220KM3596111.6
Track Roller D275A-2(D)17M-30-00230KM3597123.6
Track Roller D275A-5(S)17M-30-00320KM3594118.6
Track Roller D275A-5(D)17M-30-00330KM3595128.3
Track Roller D355A-3(S)195-30-00336/195-30-00114/
Track Roller D355A-3(D)195-30-00346/195-30-00124/
Track Roller D375A-1(S)195-30-00562KM1039128
Track Roller D375A-1(D)195-30-00572KM1040139
Track Roller D375A-2(S)195-30-01010/195-30-01051KM1277137.2
Track Roller D375A-2(D)195-30-01020/195-30-01061KM1279150.8
Track Roller D375A-5(S)195-30-01411KM3526136.7
Track Roller D375A-5(D)195-30-01421KM3531150.3
Track RollerJOHN DEEREJD350DAT104780ID62625.8
Track RollerJOHN DEEREJD450(S)AT71674ID51229.3
Track RollerJOHN DEEREJD450(D)AT168419ID218432.3
Track RollerJOHN DEERE650G(S)AT104906ID78929.9
Track RollerJOHN DEERE650G(D)AT173374ID144933.1
Track RollerJOHN DEERE700H SFAT76033CR129247.2
Track RollerJOHN DEERE700H DFAT76034CR129352.8
Track RollerJOHN DEERE755/850 SFAT75626CR179352.7
Track RollerJOHN DEERE755/850 DFAT75766CR179258.9
Track RollerJOHN DEERE850C SFAT169467CR3634/ID145752.6
Track RollerJOHN DEERE850C DFAT169468CR3635/ID145858.8
Track RollerCASE310/350R36470CA12717.3
Track RollerCASE450A/450BR33565CA37822.5
Track RollerCASE850/1150 SFR33552/R24102/R56593CA16730.7
Track RollerCASE850/1150 DFR33553/R24103/R56874CA16835.5
Track RollerCASE1150B SFR33571CA38237.8
Track RollerCASE1150B DFR33572CA38341.7
Track RollerCASE1450B SFR33583CA48649.7
Track RollerCASE1450B DFR33584CA48754.1
Track RollerFIATFL4(S)5111357FT295419.8
Track RollerFIATFL4(D)5111356FT295321.7
Track RollerFIATFL6(S)4991645FT166533
Track RollerFIATFL6(D)4989224FT166636.5
Track RollerFIATFL10(S)76029446FT191045.4
Track RollerFIATFL10(D)76029443FT191150.3
Track RollerFIATFL14C(S)76013223FT192956.2
Track RollerFIATFL14C(D)76013222FT193062.7
Track RollerFIATHD11E70680950AC183952.2
Track RollerFIAT455C4968573FT154114.6
Track RollerFIAT455C BEARING TYPE4968573 13.9
Track RollerDRESSERTD15E(S)741145C92IN342950.2
Track RollerDRESSERTD15E(D)741146C92IN343054.4
Track RollerDRESSERTD20E(S)655474C92IN307874
Track RollerDRESSERTD20E(D)655475C92IN307980.9
Track RollerDRESSERTD7C.E662822C91IN349028.5
Track RollerDRESSERTD8C.E621481C93IN280836
Track RollerLANDINIMF200(S)3531319M91LA35120.8
Track RollerLANDINIMF200(D)3531417M91LA35222.6
Track RollerLANDINIMF300(S)2716108M91LA43033.2
Track RollerLANDINIMF300(D)2716109M91LA43136.6
Track RollerTIMBERJACK618(S)701506000CR536554.5
Track RollerTIMBERJACK618(D)701506100CR536660.7
Track RollerHANOMAGK5, K5B(S)372938809HA19532
Track RollerHANOMAGK5, K5B(D)372938810HA19634.2Excavator Track Roller in stock

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Bug Melting-point Apparatus Factory
Yazar: dingmeng - 19-09-2018, Saat: 05:29 - Forum: - Yorumlar (115)

touch screen automatic Melting point Apparatus
Measurement of melting point is one of the important methods of measurement of purity;
To be used in production of medicines, dye-stuffs, perfumes and other organic crystal substances;
Use PID & PWM to control the temperature;
Automatically records the melting curve;
Touch Screen
USB and RS232

Melting-point measurement range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃
Setting rate of the “starting temperature”: 50℃~400℃≤ 5 mins; 400℃~50℃≤7 mins
Minimum digital display:0.1 ℃
Size of the capillary:φ1.4mm(outside diameter)
φ1.0mm(inside diameter), 90mm
Loading height of the sample:3mm-5mm
Linear heating-up rate:0.1 ℃ ~20 ℃ /min
Repeatability:0.3 ℃
Accuracy:≤200 ℃: 0.4℃;  >200 ℃: 0.7℃
Melting-Point Apparatus factory

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Bug Bulls Vs. Hornets Sport Preview And Open Up Thread
Yazar: KretRelo - 07-09-2018, Saat: 05:57 - Forum: - Yorumlar (41)

Chicago Bulls  Charlotte Hornets (34-44)7 p.m. NBC Chicago Sporting activities NetworkInjury PostingBig Grinenzel Valentine joins the record of Bulls avid gamers out for the unwind of the time, along with Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, Paul Zipser, and Antonio BlakeneyFor the Hornets, Cody Zeller (knee) was a short while ago dominated out for the unwind of the year. Soon after staying dominated out for the chill out of the year this early morning with an Achilles destruction, Nicolas Batum name contains been upgraded in direction of questionable. Dwayne Bacon is out tonight with a instantly ankle problems. [Irrelevant aspect be aware: spelling his 1st track record was amazingly extremely hard once taking conditioned in the direction of Dwyane Wade]. Taking pictures safeguard Treveon Graham is in addition out tonight with a concussion. For people belief nostalgic relating to Michael Carter-Williams, I loathe toward destroy your working day via pointing out that he won engage in tonight possibly as he underwent time-finishing still left shoulder operation upon March 13 Period Collection:The Bulls are 2-1 towards the Hornets this time. Someway, the Bulls weathered the storm of 47 specifics versus Kemba Walker in the direction of fight the Hornets 123-120 upon Nov Omer Asik Jersey. 17. The Bulls produced it 2 within a row versus Charlotte upon Dec. 8 with a 119-111 extra time victory inside of the very first match of the iko backgeneration. Upon Feb. 27, the Bulls arrived in the direction of their senses and folded 118-103 in opposition to the Hornets inside of Charlotte. Walker and middle Dwight Howard mixed for 55 facts. Preview:Comprise your self at any time questioned what Zach LaVine smells which include? Perfectly, a Chicago Tribune tale taken out the magic formula against this age-outdated speculate Robin Lopez Jersey. Very last 7 days, cologne business enterprise Hawthorne for Gentlemen rolled out LaVine signature perfume, awthorne for Zach,and which includes its other regular monthly potential buyers, Hawthorne dependent the Bulls star line upon his system chemistry, life tastes and other study remedies.LaVine facts he a meat-and-vegetable, nonsmoking, road-clothing-donning, juice-ingesting extrovert who retains a issue physique weather had been thrown into Hawthorne proprietary components, which pumped out the smells he highest most likely in direction of choose. LaVine investigation assisted up a woody perfume with hints of citrus and black pepper. Past 7 days, cologne business enterprise Hawthorne for Males rolled out LaVine signature perfume, awthorne for Zach,and including its other monthly prospective buyers, Hawthorne based mostly the Bulls star line upon his human body chemistry, lifetime tastes and other study solutions.By yourself could will need in the direction of operate out and acquire a bottle of this cologne in advance of the sport tonight toward mask out the stink that will definitely permeate in the course of your tv into your residing area as on your own keep track of this matchup. Both of those groups are mathematically taken out in opposition to the playoffs with exactly above a 7 days of month-to-month year in direction of participate in. The Hornets at minimum consist of an All-Star inside of Walker and a participant within Howard who When is considerably eradicated against the common iteration even now does some pleasurable things (he quietly includes averaged 16.7 information and 12.3 rebounds for every activity this time). Jeremy Lamb is entertaining in direction of observe as a microwave scorer off the bench Transferring very last the Brooklyn Nets and/or Sacramento Kings inside of the standings is however potential, nevertheless profitable that much more activity versus the Washington Wizards upon Sunday rather spot a wrench in just these systems for the Bulls. The Bulls are the Bulls at this fact. It pleasurable in the direction of perspective them contend, yet it impossible for greatest americans toward consider extremely fired up more than sport 78 of 82 within just a 26-gain period. Occur for the participant progress, possibly continue to be towards observe Robin Lopez beat Benny the Bull....? Optimum Examine Early NBA energy scores aren welcoming towards the Chicago Bulls No superior than final year Chicago Bulls re-indicator Ryan Arcidiacono becomes partly-positive NBA package as soon as getting upon 2-route agreement past time All those youthful Bulls can healthy, even if they don earn Zach Lowe outlines the Bullssystem and ambitions for 2018-19 Wendell Carter Jr....Beginner of the 12 months?

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Bug France's World Cup Secret: Mbappe Played Last Two Games Injured
Yazar: Piseth2981 - 04-09-2018, Saat: 06:37 - Forum: - Yorumlar (39)


The French รวม ทาง เข้า sbo media have lifted the lid on one of the best kept secrets of the World Cup, namely that striker Kylian Mbappe played the semi-final and final at far from full fitness.He played an important role against both Belgium and Croatia as Les Bleus won their second world title in Russia.According to L'Equipe, the player suffered a blockage of three vertebrae the day before the match against Belgium while in his room."When he got out of bed to take a bath, he felt a terrible pain and then heard a snapping sound before collapsing," read the report.France's medical team and their staff kept the back problems a secret in order to avoid giving รวม ทาง เข้า sbo their opponents an advantage.Despite the pain, the player recovered to take part against both Belgium and Croatia and in the final, he scored his country's fourth goal to put the cherry on top of the cake. รวม ทาง เข้า sbo

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Bug Roma Chase Chelsea, Liverpool Target Valued At €50m
Yazar: Porsrun - 16-08-2018, Saat: 06:57 - Forum: - Yorumlar (83)


AS Roma are interested in Leon Bailey, SportMediaset claim. According to the Italian outlet, the German international is 3mbet being scouted by Monchi, who recently completed the signing of Steven N’Zonzi from Sevilla.  The winger - who plies his trade at Bayer Leverkusen - has recently been scouted by the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, and is 3mbet believed to be worth €50 million. The Jamaican star is believed to be too expensive at that price, especially when Taison (who is older) has already offered his services to Roma and only costs €15 million at most. The Bayer Leverkusen star netted 12 times last season, and recent reports indicated that Chelsea 3mbet had taken the lead in the race for the 20-year-old. Bailey himself told Kicker magazine that there was "tangible interest” when asked about Chelsea and Liverpool.
"What I can say is that my full focus is on developing myself as a young player, and that's what I'll focus on. If a club wants me, my management and Bayer 04 will take care of it."

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Bug Manchester United Target To Remain At Real Madrid
Yazar: Porsrun - 24-07-2018, Saat: 06:49 - Forum: - Yorumlar (252)

According to what has been suggested by Marca today, Real Madrid have no intentions of selling Welsh agent sbobet forward Gareth Bale; despite earlier reports in the market suggesting that he could be headed to Manchester United, or even suggesting a shock return to Tottenham Hotspur. After the ‘deal of the century’ which saw Cristiano Ronaldo leave agent sbobet behind the Spanish capital in favour of a move to Juventus and Turin, losing Gareth Bale has been a likely impossibility for the La Liga side. Especially after failing to sign Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, and with Chelsea and Tottenham unwilling to part with Eden Hazard and Harry Kane respectively, Real Madrid must now keep agent sbobethold of Gareth Bale. The Welsh forward signed for Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur back in 2013 yet has slightly lived in the shadow of CR7. Now, with Ronaldo gone, Bale is at the centre of the Madrid project, as they prepare for life after Cristiano.

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Bug Chelsea Agree Deal For Juventus Defender
Yazar: Porsrun - 11-07-2018, Saat: 10:30 - Forum: - Yorumlar (3396)


 Premier League giants Chelsea are reportedly set to sign Juventus defender Daniele Rugani. The Italian joined sbobet Juventus from Empoli in the summer of 2013 in what was a co-ownership deal of about 500,000 euros. After spending two seasons on loan at Empoli, Rugani came back to the Old Lady. But he has failed to become a regular since then. Premium sbobet Sport report that Chelsea have now agreed a deal to sign Rugani, who has drawn strong links with a move to Stamford Bridge over the last few weeks. A fee of 40 million euros has been agreed for the defender, with Juventus having sbobet accepted the Blues' offer recently.
The Old Lady are expected to use the funds from Rugani's sale to fund the capture of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus- a move that is getting closer to completion every passing hour. CalcioMercato are working on knowing more about the deal and will provide further updates.

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Bug Customized 6db Attenuator
Yazar: qingluang - 11-07-2018, Saat: 08:42 - Forum: - Yorumlar (655)

Technical Information:
The Fiber Optic Attenuator can be used slow up the energy inside a optical signal. Obtainable in 1310nm in order to 1550nm. The actual optical attenuator is really a man in order to woman settings as well as connectorized having a FC, SC/APC, ST, PC, LC, UPC, MU, FC/APC, SC, LC/APC, set worth connect kind fiber optic attenuators, inline fiber optic attenuators, adjustable fiber optic attenuators. Typical attenuation ideals tend to be 5dB, 10dB, 15dB as well as 20 dB however all of us share just about all dimensions through 1dB in order to 25dB.
Appearance & Dimension(mm):

Advantage & Application:
► Fully compatible with LC fiber optic connectors;
► Precise attenuation values;
► Industry standard attenuation levels;
► Low PDL and insertion loss;
► Precision polishing for reduced back reflection;
► Highly Reliable Physical Contact Connectors;
► Compartmentalized case provides safe component storage and simple organization;
► Small, durable case for easy portability;
► RoHS compliant.
Product Details:
Wavelength(nm)1310nm & 1550nmWavelength(nm)850nm & 1300nm
Attenuation Tolerance1 to 5dB ≤±0.5dBAttenuation Tolerance1 to 5dB ≤±0.5dB
Attenuation Tolerance6 to 5dB ≤±10%dBAttenuation Tolerance6 to 5dB ≤±10%dB
Return LossUPC≥50dB;APC≥60dBReturn LossUPC≥30dB
Working Temperature(℃)-40 to +70Working Temperature(℃)-40 to +70
Storage Temperature(℃)-40 to +85Storage Temperature(℃)-40 to +85

International Authoritative Certification:
Compliance with the international ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS standards. TELES strict implementation of standardized management and control of the design, development, production, installation and service.

What does an Optical Attenuator do:
An optical attenuator is a device commonly used to lower the amount of power of an optical signal in a fiber optic communication system. For a singlemode applications, the most important specification, after the correct loss value, is return loss or reflectance. It's more convenient to test the receiver power before and after attenuation or while adjusting it with your power meter at the receiver, plus any reflectance will be attenuated on its path back to the source. Bellow it shows the attenuator used with duplex fiber patch cable.

Ordering Information - Fixed Optical Attenuator:
Fiber Type 5-50/125
Connector Type F-FC S-SC T-ST L-LC M-MU
Polish Type P-PC U-UPC A-APC
Attenuation 01-1dB 02-2dB 03-3dB 05-5db 07-7dB
10-10dB 15-15dB 20-20dB 25-25dB
Operating Wavelength 1-850nm 2-1310nm 3-1550nm 4-1310/1550nm
5- 1310/1490nmCustomized 6dB Attenuator

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Bug Huangyan Auto Accessories Mould Factory
Yazar: qingluang - 11-07-2018, Saat: 08:37 - Forum: - Yorumlar (170)

Automotive rear view mirror support mould
Mirror handle support mould
Auto products mold
AM and OEM auto mould supplier
1+1 cavity
Cold Runner
450T Injection Machine
60day T1Huangyan auto accessories mould factory

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Bug Pivot Shower Enclosures Factory
Yazar: qingluang - 11-07-2018, Saat: 08:30 - Forum: - Yorumlar (168)

SizeModel Size:1200~1600*2000mm
(Height:1900~2200mm , can be customized. )
Tempered glass8mm
Tempered glass certificationDIN EN 12150,AS/NZS 2208:1996,ANSI Z97.1-2004 , BS6206
Glass type for choiceClear, Frosted, Strip frosted, Silk-screen glass
Glass color for choiceBlue Frame
Glass function for choiceNormal, Easy Clean glass, anti-blast wired glass
Hardwares304 Stainless Steel
Packing detailStandard export cartons with foam and pearl cotton inside and outside with product description.
Production time15-30 days
Size of packing82*16*2020mm
Quantity of container104 sets/20"
210 sets/40"
260 sets/40HQ"
How to maintenance a shower enclosure
1. You can usually just undertake the same type of cleaning and maintenance that you would perform on your standard shower or wet environment, keeping it free of mold and mildew.
2. Also inspect the steam shower room's walls, ceiling and seat material every so often to make sure they are still in good condition as well as still being appropriate for their purpose and you.
3. Clean any metal fixtures inside your steam shower room by using a soft cloth and warm water.
How to pack shower enclosure
1. use film to cover the surface;
2. make EPE wrap up the lowes shower enclosures;
3. use foam to protect the frame ;
4. put cheap shower enclosures into a carton;
5. wooden crate could make sure safety enough.
Why choose SUNRANS shower enclosure
1.Top safety guarantee:
-All our shower room made strictly according to CE,SAA,RoHS etc. standard
-All our shower are with the lesk electricity protection aystem ,power overload protection system,overheat protection system and water-lacking protection system.
-Best steam generater.
-RoHS approval for all electronic material,All the piping and equipments are UV-proof
-Showr tray are made from USA Aristech acrylic.
3.High-efficient and Energy-saving:
-Individual control for the massage function
-The high-density insulating system for steamer can effectively prevent the loss of water temperature
4.Super-convenient operation:
-Multifunctional control system has built-in three phases for automatic filtration.
-24-hour automatically keeping constant temperature;
5. After-sale service
1).Independent department: You should take the photos of problems on products,and will get reply during 24 hours.
2).Result New accessories will be sent to you if it's our fault after testing.
3).Warrenty: Acrylic and electrical products are 2 years;Stainless steel is 5 years
Product ShowPivot Shower Enclosures factory

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